Program Details

The Colorado Basic Driver Improvement Course is known by many names such as BDIC 4 Hour, BDI-4, 4 hour BDIC, BDIC course, BDIC school, Colorado 4 hour course, Colorado Point Reduction Course or 4 hour Colorado traffic ticket course to mention some.

This course meets the curriculum standards set forth by the defensive driving course requirements and has provided documented evidence of effectiveness in reducing collisions, moving violations and/or both.

If you are eligible to attend a basic driver improvement course, you should have received an authorization from a court allowing to take this course.

The Colorado DMV allows you to complete a basic driver improvement course in order to prevent the moving violation points from being recorded.

The Colorado Basic Driver Improvement course is required by the Colorado DMV to provide not less than 4 hours of instruction.

It is your responsibility to complete within the prescribed time set forth by the court and deliver the completion certificate as required to prevent points from being assessed to your license.